Sunshine Coast, Australia 2012. Seriously, I love Australia to pieces.
And one of the million things I love about Down Unter is Austrialian based fashion blog Oraclefox. Whenever I feel a lack of sunlight I visit the blog and feel inspired right away.
Behind every great blog stands a great blogger. So I was thrilled to meet the Oraclefox aka Mandy Shadforth in beautiful Queensland. When I first met Amanda I was blown away by her warm heart and loveliness. We immedietly had a connection.
It was amazing working with such a talented lady! And she's really the Queen of accessories! This foxy lady rocks!
Check out her inspiring blog: oraclefox.blogspot.com
I shot all photos on film with my pentax67, my beautiful penti half-format camera and the plastic-fantastic Maxim.

oraclefox fox_0001.jpgoraclefox fox_0002.jpgoraclefox fox_0003.jpgoraclefox fox_0004.jpgoraclefox fox_0005.jpgoraclefox fox_0007.jpgoraclefox fox_0008.jpgoraclefox fox_0009.jpgoraclefox fox_0012.jpgoraclefox fox_0013.jpgoraclefox fox_0014.jpgoraclefox fox_0015.jpgoraclefox fox_0016.jpgoraclefox fox_0017.jpgoraclefox fox_0019.jpgoraclefox fox_0020.jpgoraclefox fox_0021.jpg