Danielle Meyer

Brooklyn, New York, 2012.
I had the pleasure of working again with my dreamteam:
Styling: Siri Thorson; Model: Danielle Meyer; Videography: Georg Reckendorfer
Art Direction: Eva Plainer
Thank you Eva, Siri, Danielle and Georg for such a great afternoon and these stunning results.
All photos where shot on film with my beloved pentax 67 and the penti halfformat camera.

Danielle Meyer danielle_000.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_001.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_002.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_003.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_004.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_005.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_006.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_007.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_008.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_009.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_010.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_011.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_012a.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_013.jpgDanielle Meyer danielle_014.jpg