A photoshoot inspired by the portraits of Lewis Powell in 1865. All pictures where taken with my Mamyia and my Canon 1V on film . Thank you to Caro Erlach for making the boys look so handsome and old-fashioned with perfect hair and makeup. Also thank you to Marisa and Kristina for their assistance and to Tempomodels for their support.

Powell powell_001.jpgPowell powell_002.jpgPowell powell_003.jpgPowell powell_004.jpgPowell powell_005.jpgPowell powell_006.jpgPowell powell_007.jpgPowell powell_008.jpgPowell powell_010.jpgPowell powell_011.jpgPowell powell_012.jpgPowell powell_013.jpgPowell powell_014.jpgPowell powell_015.jpgPowell powell_016.jpgPowell powell_017.jpg