Summer 2011.
I did some photos for the great electro duo Konea Ra for their album which will be released in September. It was a really tough shoot because of the weather conditions. Beautiful light but terrible weather.
Check out their music on
Styling by Markus Jagersberger.
Hair & Make up by Caroline Erlach.
Thank you Marisa, Georg and Luca for your waterresistant assistance.

Konea_Ra konea_00.jpgKonea_Ra konea_000.jpgKonea_Ra konea_001.jpgKonea_Ra konea_002.jpgKonea_Ra konea_003.jpgKonea_Ra konea_004.jpgKonea_Ra konea_005.jpgKonea_Ra konea_006.jpgKonea_Ra konea_007.jpgKonea_Ra konea_008.jpgKonea_Ra konea_009.jpgKonea_Ra konea_010.jpgKonea_Ra konea_011.jpg