Bows & Bandits

Brooklyn, New York, 2011.
Shooting for Bows & Bandits Vintage for their Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook.
It was great, working again with Eva, especially in this great location. Thank you Siri for being such a patient model . Check out the Photos and the beautiful vintage clothes on And check out Siris wonderful and inspiring blog: Ringo, have a banana!
All photos where taken on film with my beloved pentax kx, the diana and my lubitel.

Bows & Bandits bb_ss_001.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_002.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_003.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_004.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_005.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_006.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_007.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_008.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_009.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_010.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_011.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_012.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_013.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_014.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_015.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_016.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_017.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_018.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_019.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_020.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_021.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_022.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_023.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_024.jpgBows & Bandits bb_ss_025.jpg