Bows & Bandits

Shooting for Bows & Bandits Vintage for their Fall/Winter Lookbook 2011/12.
Thank you Jen for you being such a great model. Eva, Sophie and Tom for styling and the beautiful location. Big CHEERS! to Georg for this charming video he made.
Check out the Photos and the beautiful vintage clothes on
All photos were taken on film; and again with this shooting I tried a newbie camera: the wonderful and extremly sexy PENTI. a beautiful 1960ies black and gold halfframe camera. (all photos with the black stripe where made with this magical golden box).

Bows & Bandits bb_fw_001.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_002.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_003a.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_003b.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_004.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_005.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_006.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_007.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_008jpg.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_009.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_010.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_011.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_012a.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_012b.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_013.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_014.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_015.jpgBows & Bandits bb_fw_016.jpg