Katharina Reckendorfer

Vienna 2011. I am a passionate photographer based in Vienna. I'm a happy girl with a postitive 'can-do' attitude and hand on heart, anything to do with photography makes my eyes light up and I get incredibly excited about taking photos.
I hope you enjoy my work and I would love to hear from you so feel free to email me:  mail |at| katharinareckendorfer.com



About Katharina Reckendorfer

Analog or Digital?
My heart and soul are truly sticking to analog photography. I'm also a member of the Analoggang. A group founded by three photographers from Vienna (Marisa Vranjes, Kristina Satori and myself), who want to keep analog photography on the radar. Our goal is to point out the richness, beauty and emotion of analog photography. However, I also have some great digital equipment which I love to use whenever my clients need a really fast workflow.


Paintings (almost everything from Rembrand to Bacon), nature, travelling, fashion (especially of my good friends Eva & Sophie), magazines, blogs.

Any specialities?
Having started with people photography I soon discovered my passion for fashion photography. Now I do mostly portrait and fashion shoots.

What do I love?
My mister, a good bargain when it comes to vintage clothes and thrifted furniture, reading interior design and fashion blogs ... and taking photos - of course!

Photography is…?
…a lot of fun
…a lot of hard work.

Friends in the web:
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